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Thinking straight in the age of information overload. The Organised Mind.

Thinking straight in the age of information overload, something we all need a better handle on I think.

I love reading, and in particular I love reading books that I can learn from and then apply the skills or strategies to my own life or businesses. So, I've decided I'm going to start sharing some of the books I've read that I feel have truly made a difference in terms of how I do things daily. I hope that someone out there in the cosmos might be prompted to give one of the books a go and improve their habits or perspective on something. This one is the first.... The organised mind.

I read this a few months back and still practice what I learned from the book in my day to day life. The Organised Mind taught me that my brain is not a super computer... not even close... and yet, I used to treat my mind every single day like it was a super computer. Like it could multi task endlessly and solve complex problems one after the next. All while still managing to consume the endless amounts of content that come with the digital age in which we live.

The truth is, all of the information and choices we have to make in this modern world are too much for our slowly evolving brains to handle. Our brains are sophisticated and powerful, yes, but only at one thing at a time. They also run out of data and have a limited capacity for data per day. So, ask yourself, how do you want to spend that data? Watching tictoks and scrolling reels before you've even gotten out of bed?

If you're the kind of person who walks up to an ice cream stand and ponders over what flavour of ice cream to purchase for more than thirty seconds, this is the book for you.

How I recommend reading;

A heavy read in places but a good read, chip away at a couple of pages in the mornings with a good cup of coffee.



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