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When your mind is tired, move your body. The benefits of incorporating exercise into your routine.

The midday slump can be a real struggle. Especially if you’re in a position working as your own boss from home, there’s no one to tell you to get the work done.

Move your body when your brain is tired.

This can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some yoga or going to the gym. Incorporating physical activity into your routine and daily rituals will have outstanding long term benefits.

Benefits of physical activity on workflow include;

Increased blood flow: Physical activity increases blood flow and heart rate. This in turn delivers oxygen and nutrients to your brain, improving clarity and focus.

Reduce stress/overwhelm/anxiety: Exercise will trigger the release of endorphins, these are natural chemicals that help reduce stress and improve mood. If you find it hard to get yourself to move your body, create a dopamine releasing micro habit - for example, I often purchase a coffee at my local cafe after my morning workout. This is my reward, and the anticipation of the coffee is enough to get me to the gym. (This is called habit stacking).

Improved Energy: Exercise actually overall improves your energy levels. Exercise will release adrenaline and hormones which make you feel alert and awake.


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