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Why do you need a professional Copywriter?

Words are everywhere. You’re reading them right now. Look to your left, there’s a wall. Your brain tells you there’s a wall, you know it’s a wall because you know the meaning of a wall, you know the word wall is comprised of four letters: ‘W-A-L-L’. Everyone knows words, but not everyone has the power to give them meaning and utilise them to create impactful storytelling.

Copywriting isn't about the business itself, it's about the consumer. Their perspectives, opinions and thoughts regarding your company are formed through the words you put out there. Words which, with the help of a good copywriter, can be revolutionary.

In the business world, it is rare - often never - that your consumer will stand directly in front of you, face to face, and you’ll be given the opportunity to explain the who/what/why’s of your business to them. They won’t be able to hear your voice crescendo as you get passionate, see the excitement spread across your face, or read your body language as you explain your revolutionary product. Instead, they’ll scroll on past, sifting and sorting through millions of other products scrambling to be sold, dismissing them with one swift and brutal thumb-swipe.

One of the most influential ways of connecting with your consumer is through well thought out and strategic copy. A good copywriter can do this with ease, but a great copywriter? They’ll hold your audience's attention, stay in their brain, form a rapport and have your product in their basket by noon.

But, how do they do it? We’ll let you in on why you need professional copywriting.

Copywriting is a main dish served hot, never a side.

Many businesses tend to take copywriting on internally, or even discard it all together, but by doing this they are setting themselves up for potential failure. You could have a brilliant employee, say their role is an account manager, who agrees to some copywriting on the side. It’s not that they are a bad writer, it’s just copywriting is a main dish. It takes a lot of blocked out google calendars, research, time, and focus for a great copywriter to craft compelling copy that succinctly sums up your entire company, and in-turn drives a varied audience to repeatedly purchase your niche. Only professional copywriters have the capacity and bandwidth for that.

They know their platforms and are fluent in your audiences’ language.

We all know the infamous sentence ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’, copywriting is the art of turning this sentence into something so devastatingly interesting that your audience spends the rest of the week pondering, ‘well, WHY did the fox jump?’. Professional copywriting is more than just words on a page with a few choice commas, it’s determining the difference between a gap in the market and the solution, and making the audience buy it anyway. At our agency, our writers know their platforms, keep up-to-date with trends, use specific call-to-actions, and are fluent in your audiences’ language, all while living and breathing the algorithm.

They create meaningful value-driven content with no BS.

There is so much noise out there, it’s deafening. Our copywriters push through the jargon in ruthless fashion to edit, perfect and hone in on the words that matter. They know when to be informative and when to drive a hard sale; whilst being well-versed in the functions of different web pages and social platforms; getting necessary, yet engaging, information to users in a concise way.

They invent and maintain your tone of voice.

Your consumers first impression of your company is formed after just seven seconds. That’s one sentence. Let that sink in. Professional copywriters use this to their advantage by crafting and mastering a recognisable tone of voice for your company that resonates with your audience, creating an unforgettable brand image and selling your product or service without any physical selling.

Turning your products into can’t-live-without’s.

Copywriters work together with web developers, graphic designers, video editors, and other creatives; whilst simultaneously utilising their own skillset to create a compelling user experience both online and in the real world. It’s ‘more than words’ (nod to 90’s pop song), as they say.

There you have it, the endless web of creative possibility, advanced marketing, triumphant insights and flourishing bottomline starts now, in the hands of your next professional copywriter. So, sit back, relax and watch your business go from a want to a must-have.

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Why do you need a professional copywriter

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