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JUST READ IT. Phil Knight's Nike memoire is one of the best business books I've ever read.

If we're going to learn anything about branding in our lives and the power a simple logo can have when marketed effectively, Nike should be the organisation we look to for inspiration.

Shoe Dog, written by Phil Knight, is a captivating memoir that chronicles the founding and growth of Nike. Nike is arguably the worlds most recognisable brand, more so than the likes of Apple and Microsoft. I would say it would be hard to find a household in the world where a Nike product hasn't been worn or used at some point. Phil Knight tells his story with candid honesty, great humour and a genuine love for the company he created.

Knight's journey with Nike is an incredible story highlighting the ups and downs that all startups go through, particularly those in the Wholesale/Retail sector with regards to stock and cashflow.

There are several points in the book when it appears both Knight and the company have been cornered with no way out of the crisis, yet Knight is the immovable object to Nike's unstoppable force and never fails to solve the problem and find a way out, even if it is by the skin of his teeth.

What sets Shoe Dog apart is Knight's ability to convey the emotional and personal journey he went through to create Nike. He is not afraid to share the struggles he faced and the sacrifices he made along the way. He also highlights the people who helped him along the way and the mistakes he made that ultimately made him a better leader. Its wonderful to understand Nike as company on this more human level rather than the corporate MNC we usually see it as.

The book is filled with fascinating anecdotes about the early days of Nike, including the company's early failures and the incredible risks Knight and his team took to build the brand. Knight's writing style is engaging, and his storytelling is top-notch, making the book an easy and enjoyable read.

Overall, Shoe Dog is a book that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business leader, or simply a fan of Nike, this memoir is an inspirational read that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to pursue your own dreams.

The most prominent lesson for me within the book is Knight's perseverance, he never gives up and he never folds, because ultimately there was no plan B. In the words of Rocky "It ain't about how hard you're hit, it's about how you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward."

How I Recommend Reading: Shoe Dog is a wonderful casual read, it is well-written in the style of a story and is not a heavy read. Dip in and out at your leisure, or read it before bedtime; it won't take much mental energy. You'll find yourself quickly captivated and unable to stop. PS. I've recently become obsessed with running and will be throwing out my old under armours and swapping them out for a shiny pair of Nike's. #Books #BusinessBooks #ShoeDog #PhilKnight #Nike #StartUp #SmallBusinessMotivation



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